In these 'green times' more and more people are choosing alternative eco-arrangements for their funeral.

Cremation has terrible effects on the environment, including the heavy reliance on fossil fuels and the toxic pollutants which end up in the air. Traditional burials also cause problems with some coffins being made from MDF or chipboard which are glued together using adhesives which can leach out harmful chemicals into the soil.

For this, and other, reasons willow coffins are a popular choice for burial as they are made from natural and truly environmentally renewable resources. Wicker decomposes much quicker than most alternative coffin materials when burried and is totally sustainable resource as it can be harvested from the same crown each year for up to 60 years. Our willow coffins do not contain any plastic or metal elemants which produce many pollutants when burnt. Vitally important is the fact that willow coffins are light and delicate as well as durable.

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